I love everything about this video and the idea of having more disruptive design events. There’s something really powerful about unleashing creativity. Not only are the people who create things at these events talented, creative individuals, but they are encouraging creative, talented students by inviting them to give feedback on their projects and hopefully by creating projects that will be successful in educating students. Events like this remind me of this quote that I read in Linchpin by Seth Godin:

"Your resume sits in a stack next to plenty of other resumes, each striving to fit in and meet the requirements. Your cubicle is next to the other cubes, each like the other. Your business card and suit and approach to problems- all designed to fit in." - p. 12

I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about what kind of education I (and millions of other students are receiving), and a large part of that has to do with the current focus on preparation for working in a corporate office. The description above reminded me of my post about whether or not I should consider making a creative resume (like an infographic), or stick to the standard format because that is what is expected in non-creative fields. I have finally decided that I should just follow my heart and start doing things more creatively, much like the disruptive events encourage.

I love my internship, everything about it. I have freedom to guide myself on projects, to think creatively, to problem solve, to make things that I can be proud of. None of these activities happen in a cubicle or in a suit, and anything other than the activities I’ve described wouldn’t make me happy. If I want to get (or create) a job in the future that will satisfy me and encourage me as much as my internship, I need something that reflects who I am. I need to stop sanitizing everything that I put out into the world because that’s what the business world wants. I’ve experienced too many awesome things happening in startups and in classrooms to be fooled into thinking that I have to wear a suit to an office from nine to five and hope for change. I would love to work for an organization like 4.0 schools, participate in hacking and disruptive design events, create a charter school, or just do anything creative and constructive for education and prove it.