Here is the video discussion that I created about the future of teaching and education as thought of by Teaching 2030. Teachers should be more involved in the decisions which impact them, but teachers are humans too. This means that there are limitations to what we can expect for them. They need a healthy work-life balance too. They also make decisions that are in their self-interest and not necessarily best for the system as a whole. The education system needs a balance between policy pundits and teachers. Even better, the education system needs to focus more on students.

When things aren’t working, the natural inclination is to throw more at the problem. More people, time, and money. All that ends up doing is making the problem bigger. The right way to go is the opposite direction: cut back. So do less. Your project won’t suffer nearly as much as you fear. In fact, there’s a good chance it’ll end up even better. You’ll be forced to make tough calls and sort out what truly matters.

Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson - Rework -p. 83

This section really stuck out to me when reading this book per the request of my boss. I really wonder what would happen if this was really the way that the education sector worked. So many people think that the education sector needs to reflect the business world. But what about things like Last In, First Out and cutting funding for non-academic areas?